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These SD70Ms previously wore the EMD demonstrator scheme of burgundy with a black underframe. When they were acquired by CSX, they ran for several years before being repainted in the then-current YN2 “Bright Future” scheme, which they are depicted with here. In addition, several of the units received special names adorning the sides of the nose-all were significant places in Florida, where the SD70Ms worked frequently.
All road numbers
SD70 body with no rear number boards
Freight type brakewheel
Cab with high headlight, K5LA horn, Small can antenna
Angled cab door with window
Spare knuckles on rear pilot
AEI tags mounted on sidesill
Prime air filters
Round dial & digital fuel gauges
Standard YN2 w/ blue cab roof
“Spirit of Mulberry” w/ white cab roof
“Spirit of Tampa” w/ white cab roof
“Spirit of Miami” with white cab roof

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